About Us

Our Core Values

Moodjar is about sharing Nyungar knowledge and culture to produce an overall positive impact on Australian society.

The following are the core values of Moodjar Consultancy; ‘Boorda, yeye, kura’. Deep connections between past, present and the future of

  • ‘Boodjar’ - country
  • ‘Katijin’- knowledge
  • ‘Moort’ - family
  • ‘Katitjin’ - ‘maar maar’ research, teaching and action go hand in hand
  • ‘Kanya’ - the practice of respect
  • ‘Gnulla koorliny’ - working together
  • ‘Waarbirny quop weirn’ - creating the good spirit
  • ‘Boordier ‘- Leadership

Our Core Business

The core business of Moodjar is:

  • Smoking ceremonies
  • Welcome to Country ceremonies
  • Cultural Awareness Training (CAT)
  • Renaming/dual naming of places and country
  • Cultural Heritage Assessments
  • Research
  • Nyungar culture
  • Interpretive works
  • On-country tours and guidance