Smoking (Cleansing) Ceremony

The smoking ceremony is a traditional Noongar ritual used to not only cleanse and purify a specific area but it cleanses the spirit, body and soul whilst you are on Noongar Country. It also helps to ward off warra wirrin – bad spirits and to bring in the blessings of the kwop wirrin – good spirits.

The leaves and shavings from the balga (grass tree) smolder and the smoke purifies the area and prepares for a new beginning. This ritual of purification and unity – signifies the beginning of something new.
The balga tree is the life tree. It provides medicine, food, shelter warmth and healing.

The Smoking Ceremony is a blessing while you are here on Noongar Country, to keep you safe.
Moodjar has a database of experienced Elders who are experienced in smoking ceremonies.