Cultural Awareness Training (CAT)

The delivery of a CAT program aims to provide greater understanding of traditional Aboriginal Cultural Values, thereby, empowering participants to understand and engage with a considered approach of understanding and awareness to:
  • provide thoughtful insight into Whadjuk culture and provide the participants with knowledge that will allow them apply the knowledge with greater understanding.

  • Develop a thoughtful understanding of our differences to successfully communicate and collaborate across cultural boundaries;
  • Ensure conflict is avoided by raising awareness that culture diversity establishes our identities in way that have meaning, what is important to us and how we view and interact with others;
  • Provide awareness for your team to establish how they can apply this knowledge of awareness in the business environment, as well as when working with Aboriginal people and communities.

Moodjar’s four (4) hour CAT program is designed to introduce your Team to:

  • Aboriginal culture, protocols, heritage, customs and traditional practices “Lore and Law”, creation stories, spirituality, kinship systems, Dreaming stories that are culturally appropriate for a mixed audience.
  • Emphasise the importance of the ‘Connection to Country’ and why this is an essential element to Aboriginal people and their sense of being.
  • The cultural diversity of Aboriginal language groups, family groups and communities.
  • The impacts of past and current Government Policy, which will allow greater context for understanding current barriers, loss of language and cultural values
  • How to engage in a sensitive, respectful and appropriate manner, differences between traditional values and contemporary values
  • Identify strategies for appropriate engagement between Aboriginal people and the communities in which we live and work.

Moodjar can tailor a CAT program that is suitable for you and your company