Welcome to Country

Welcome to Country ceremony is an acknowledgement and recognition of the rights of Noongar people’s traditional country. This acknowledgement pays respect to the traditional custodians, ancestors and continuing cultural, spiritual and religious practices of Noongar people. Further it provides an increasing awareness and recognition of Australia’s Aboriginal peoples and cultures. The Welcome to Country is an acknowledgement and recognition of the rights of Noongar people. The act of getting a representative who has traditional local links to a particular place, area or region, is an acknowledgement of respect for traditional owners. It is respect for people, respects for rights and respect for country. The land, waterways and cultural significance sites are still very important to Noongar people. It is an acknowledgement of the past and provides a safe passage for visitors and a mark of respect.

Protocols are the standards of behaviour that people use to show respect to each other. Every culture has different ways of communicating, and in order to be able to work with someone from a different culture in a respectful way you need to understand how people from that culture communicate.

Moodjar has a database of experienced Elders who are experienced in Welcome to Country ceremonies.